FOTD: Hello Waffle’s Icy Purples


Hello Waffle is one of my very favorite indie brands, and they recently announced that they would be discontinuing some of their colors. I happened to have three of these colors already and when I realized how they all fell into the same icy purple color family, I decided to put together a look using all three.

Icy Purple HW

I love how they look together! It’s such a shame they’ll no longer be available, but if you love them, you have until January 31 to pick them up.




  • MAC Face and Body Foundation in N1
  • Shiro Potion Blush


  • Buxom White Russian Lip Cream

For this look, I applied primer like usual, then patted Whale Hello There all over my lid. I blended Deepest Fears into the outer corner and put White Tulip in the inner corner, along the lower lashline and very lightly underneath the browbone. I did my usual winged liner and applied mascara just on the upper lashes. I put on my usual foundation, and used Shiro’s Potion blush, which is a very pretty berry color. I blended it out quite a bit to keep the color light. Then I used Buxom’s White Russian lip gloss, which is a very pale pink.

Ta da! Ethereal icy fairy look complete.


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