Shiro Tributes Collection: Swatches

DSCN2232Shiro Cosmetics’s Tributes Collection is based on The Hunger Games. I love the Hunger Games and the collection has a range of pretty colors, so the Tributes collection was one of the two I picked up in my very first indie order. Shiro’s eyeshadows have a fantastic formula, and these are no exception. The collection has a good range of colors that work well together, with a lot of golds. An entire third of the collection is variant types of gold, but they’re all different. On to the swatches! Everything is swatched over Urban Decay Eden primer on the top/left and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on the bottom/right. The top picture in each collage is taken in indoor natural light, and the bottom right in direct sunlight. Tributes 1From left to right: Mockingjay, Girl on Fire, Unforgettable, Ever in Your Favor, Wildflowers and Baker’s Boy. Tributes 2From left to right: Rebellion, Huntress, Star-Crossed, Beyond the Fence, Cornucopia and Remake. Unforgettable 2Unforgettable: “Hot pink-toned shimmery red with bright red sparks.” To me, this is a slightly orange red, with lots of sparkle. It needs a sticky base to bring out the sparkles. Ever in Your FavorEver in Your Favor: “Bubbly purple-toned magenta” I got more of a light pink-purple from this, with a blue sheen that came out over pixie epoxy. It was sheer over just primer, but in a very pretty way. Without a sticky base it’s a much less in-your-face color. WildflowersWildflowers: “Soft petal pink with green and gold sparks.” This is a lovely, sparkly soft pink. I’ve used it several times and it’s gorgeous on the lids. Surprisingly, I like it in the crease with Baker’s Boy on the lid for a very delicate look. Baker's BoyBaker’s Boy: “Shimmery light golden brown with blue sparks.” The first of Tributes’ many golds. This one is light and delicate, with more sheen than sparkle. The top picture is most accurate, color-wise. I love it. Girl on FireGirl on Fire: “Bright, hot, shimmery orange with golden sparks.” Shiro’s description is spot-on. It’s a bright, sparkly orange. The patchiness in the picture is my fault. I applied the pixie epoxy unevenly. When I’ve used this on the lid, there was not a trace of patchiness. MockingjayMockingjay: “Metallic brown-copper-bronze.” This is a beautiful orange toned copper that applies like a dream. It’s just as metallic over primer as it is over pixie epoxy, just a bit lighter in color. RemakeRemake: “Shimmery gold-bronze with purple sparks.” I get no purple sparks from this. It’s a straight up gold that applies incredibly smoothly. CornucopiaCornucopia: “Bright, bold yellow with strong golden shimmer.” This is very much a bright goldenrod yellow, with shimmer. It has the tiniest orange tint. Beyond the FenceBeyond the Fence: “Shimmery forest green with subtle brown-gold tones.” This is an army green that looks matte-ish until the light hits it right and then it’s full of gold sparkle. Starcrossed 2Star-Crossed: “Blackened coppery-brown.” This color is super interesting. Over primer it’s a dark bronze-brown with a hint of green. Over pixie epoxy it develops a very strong gold-bronze sheen, almost like it’s been foiled. And in the sun, it’s chock full of different color sparks: red, green, gold, everything’s in there. HuntressHuntress: “Shimmering silver with a slight greenish cast and bright silver sparks.” The green tinge makes this a more interesting than average silver. It makes me think of silver that’s just starting to develop that green layer that bronze gets, if that makes any sense. It makes for a surprisingly warm-toned silver. RebellionRebellion: Deep blue-black with green and purple shimmer.” This is a gorgeous sparkly navy that needs a sticky base to bring out the sparkles. Over primer it’s not that interesting. It makes an excellent liner when mixed with Superstar Serum.

Overall Thoughts: I really like this collection, and it has a special place in my heart for being my first. The colors work really well together and I’ve been able to make a number of different looks using just the colors from this collection. I love that every color of the rainbow is represented, as well as both light highlight colors and dark liner colors.

In the next few days, I’ll post some looks I’ve made with this collection. There’s a ton of variety!

For the looks, check out my post here.


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