Shiro Tributes Collection: Looks

Tributes Close Ups

Unforgettable, Girl on Fire, Baker’s Boy, Remake, Beyond the Fence, Star-Crossed / Wildflowers, Ever in Your Favor, Mockingjay, Cornucopia, Huntress, Rebellion

In my previous post, I swatched Shiro’s Tributes Collection, which is based on the Hunger Games. Now I want to share some looks I’ve done using this collection. There are so many blogs out there that have amazing swatch pictures, but I always want to know people actually use their collections and what the shadows look like on real people’s faces. So here are 4 looks I’ve done using only these shadows. (Including one with a day to night variation!)

DSCN2451Tributes Look 1: Unforgettable, Girl on Fire, Cornucopia and Remake

Tributes look 1Unforgettable on the lid, Girl on Fire in the crease, Cornucopia blended up to the brow and Remake in the inner corner. I also put Unforgettable on the outer third of the lower lashline, Girl on Fire on the middle third and Cornucopia on the inner third, with a bit of Remake on top. I lined my eyes with black liner, and smudged it, going slightly upwards at the outer corner and applied mascara to finish it off.

DSCN2747Tributes Look 2: Huntress and Rebellion

Tributes look 2For this, I patted Huntress all over the lid. With a fluffy, tapered brush I placed Rebellion in the crease, concentrating the color at the outer corner and angling it down towards the eye, being careful not to make it too dark. Then I mixed Rebellion with Superstar Serum, and applied it as a winged liner. Curled lashes and mascara and done! I love this look. I’ve worn it multiple times and I always feel gorgeous when I do. I think the same basic approach would work with one of the golds on the lid and Star-Crossed as liner as well, but I haven’t tried it yet.

DSCN2888Tributes Look 3: Baker’s Boy and Wildflowers, with Mockingjay and Ever in Your Favor added for a night look

Tributes 3 DayBonus day to night look! For the day look, I applied Baker’s Boy lightly to primed lids, then put Wildflowers in the crease. I used dark brown liquid eyeliner to make a tiny little wedge-shaped wing, and applied mascara. I love this look. So soft and easy to wear. Another one I’ve worn multiple times. These colors are just perfect for my coloring.

Tributes 3 Night 2To change it into the night look, I darkened the outer corner with Ever in Your Favor and used a small brush to apply some under the lower lashes as well, sticking to the outer 2/3 of the eye. Then I put Mockingjay along my lower waterline. I put some in my inner corner and very carefully traced a line just above my liner on the inner 3/4 of my eye, stopping before I got to the wing. And I added bright magenta pink lipstick!

DSCN2962Tributes Look 4: Beyond the Fence, Star-Crossed, Baker’s Boy, Remake

Tributes 4 2For this, I primed my entire eye area, including underneath, then patted Beyond the Fence all over my lids, flaring it up at the corners (because that’s what’s most flattering with my eye shape), and underneath my lower lashes, making sure to connect the outer corners. I lined my eyes heavily with black pencil liner and used a brush to smudge it onto my mobile lid and along my lower lashes. Then I patted Star-Crossed over the top of the liner. I applied a thin line of Pixie Epoxy along my upper lashes and put more Star-Crossed on top. I blended out the edges using Baker’s Boy (a matte shadow that matches your skin tone would also be great to use for this, but I was sticking to the colelction), and added a tiny dot of Remake in my tear ducts to brighten things up. Then I curled my lashes, added lots of and blended out the edges with a clean blending brush one last time.

5 tirbutes looks 2So there you have it! 4 very different looks using only shadows from Shiro’s Tributes Collection.  Which one’s your favorite? Personally, I like the third look the best. It’s so simple and pretty and the type of thing I can wear all the time. I might need to get myself full sizes of Baker’s Boy and Wildflowers so I don’t run out!


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