FOTD: Lemon Lime Eyeshadow

DSCN2172I built this look around Debussy, a light golden green from Hello Waffle’s Musicians collection (which is the next review I’ll be putting up later this week). When I put it on, I wasn’t quite sure what to pair it with, but I wound up grabbing a yellow and a green, to make a bright, citrusy look. Lemon Lime Once again, this look is quite bold on it’s own, but very wearable with glasses.




  • MAC Face and Body Foundation in N1
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 1
  • Shiro Fatality Finishing Powder
  • Shiro Gelato Beach Blush


  • MAC See Sheer

I started with primer, like usual and then patted Debussy, a light green with a golden sheen, all over my lids. I added Golden Afternoon, a bright yellow with gold sparkle, on the inner third of my lid, and around to the inner third of my lower lashline. Then I added Shiro’s That’ssss a Nice House, a bright grass green, to the outer part of my crease. That was just too bright, so I applied Envy, a much darker green, over the top and blended it down toward my outer corner. I added my usual winged liner, but forgot mascara. (Oops!) My face products were the same as usual, but I wanted a bright blush and lipstick to balance out the eyes, so I went with bright coral. I blended Gelato Beach blush onto my cheeks, concentrating on the upper/outer corners of my cheeks. (Do cheeks even have corners?) I finished off with See Sheer lipstick.

I felt so bright and citrusy! I loved it. And then the Wisconsinite in me realized I had totally just made Packers make up. Womp womp.


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