Hello Waffle Musicians Collection: Looks

Musicians close ups 2

Pachelbel, Mendelssohn, Bach, Vivaldi, Chopin, Mozart / Debussy, Tchaikovsky, Bartok, Rachmaninoff, Schubert, Einaudi

Yesterday I posted my swatches of Hello Waffle’s Musicians collection, and today I’m sharing the looks I’ve created using this collection. This collection has a ton of rich, beautiful neutrals which makes it very easy to come up with everyday looks, but the pops of color mean that you can go bold as well. I’ve come up with a couple dramatic looks and a few more easily wearable ones. While I created five looks for this post, I feel like there are a ton of other combinations I could have chosen instead.

DSCN3568Look 1: Bartok, Bach, Mendelssohn and Rachmaninoff

Musicians 3 I primed my lids and patted Mendelssohn onto the inner half of my lid, then flipped my brush over and applied Bartok to the outer half and blended the two together to make a seamless gradient. Then I worked Bach into the outer corner and crease and below my lower lashes using a stiff, flat brush. I lined eyes with a dark brown eyeliner, and went over it with Rachmaninoff. I worked Rachmaninoff the tiniest bit upwards into the outer corner of my crease. I lightly highlighted my browbone with Mendelssohn and finished with mascara for an easy to wear warm neutral look.

DSCN3527Look 2: Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and Rachmaninoff

Musicians 2I started by patting Vivaldi into the outer corner of my already primed lids. Then I added Tchaikovsky to inner part of my eyelid, stopping when I reached the red. I also put a little bit in the inner corner. Then I put a very tiny amount of Vivaldi on my brush and blended it into the crease, making sure to keep it from being too dark or harsh. I used a clean blending brush to blend the red and gold together. I mixed Rachmaninoff with Superstar serum and applied it as winged liner with an angled brush, making the wings into thicker than usual triangles. I used the remaining Rachmaninoff mixtures to line the out 2/3 of my bottom lashes, connecting it to the wings at the outer corners. I finished the look with mascara and red lipstick.

DSCN3024Look 3: Debussy, Chopin, Mendelssohn and Pachelbel

Musicians 1Maybe don’t try this look unless you’re super comfortable with your blending skills and want to look like a glittered, slightly neon easter egg. I primed my lids, then patted on Debussy. I put Chopin into the crease and outer corner and attempted to blend into Debussy. I patted Pixie Epoxy over the solid purple area and applied more Chopin on top and blended again. Then I applied more Pixie Epoxy on top of the green and did the same with Debussy. I blended out the edges with Mendelssohn, up to my browbone. This was honestly just too shimmery so I toned it down with some matte skin-toned shadow on top. I used Pachelbel to highlight my inner corner and under my brow. I put some Debussy along the rest of my lower lashline. I lined my eyes, drew on my wings and applied mascara on my upper and lower lashes. Then I blended some more.

DSCN3670Look 4: Mozart, Schubert, Einuadi

Musicians 4For this, I put Mozart in the center of the lid, with Schubert on either side of it. I made sure that neither color went up past my crease, and smoothed out the edge with a clean brush. I mixed Einaudi with Superstar Serum and lined my upper and lower lids. Then I used the same brush to place dry Einaudi (not mixed with the serum) on top.

DSCN3942 Look 5: Pachelbel and Einaudi

musicians 5This look pretty much couldn’t be simpler. It’s just Pachelbel all over the entire lid and up to the brow and Einaudi mixed with Superstar serum as winged liner. And then Einaudi along the outer 2/3 of the bottom lashes and Pachelbel for the inner third. I needed a plain black and white look to remind me of piano keys and sheet music. Also, I love white eyeshadow. Too often it gets relegated to serving only as a highlight, but I love it on its own!

Musicians 5 b

As a bonus extra look (mostly because I was curious about how Einaudi would work as a shadow, not just as a liner), I went back and popped a bit onto the outer corner and blended it. It’s pretty much the same, just with some grey.

Musicians looks

These are my five Musicians collection looks. I think the second one might be my favorite. I was really surprised at just how well the red and gold blended together, but both Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky have an exceptional formula that made it super easy to make a seamless transition. This makes me want to find more times to wear red eyeshadow! (Also, dorky side note: This look screams Gryffindor to me. But I’m solidly Ravenclaw.) I really love the first look as well. It’s the type of neutral look that makes me feel super pretty while not drawing too much attention. Which look is your favorite?


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