Harry Potter Themed Looks

harry potter 1Over the past week, I’ve created four Harry Potter-themed looks, from the dark and witchy Slytherin to the bright and cheery Hufflepuff. Here they are all together in one post, for posterity’s sake, with links to the original posts for more details. Gryffindor 2Gryffindor: Hello Waffle Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and Rachmaninoff Ravenclaw 2Ravenclaw: Hello Waffle Bartok and Belly, Notoriously Morbid Hesitant Heroine Slytherin 2Slytherin: Shiro Huntress and Hello Waffle Envy Hufflepuff 2Hufflepuff: Darling Girl Dandelion, Shiro Cornucopia, Notoriously Morbid Bloody Awful Poet What do you think about themed make up? Which is your favorite? And, if you’re a Harry Potter fan like me, which house are you? I’m Ravenclaw all the way! Although, to be honest, the Hufflepuff look might have been my favorite. Who knew yellow eyeshadow could make me feel so pretty?


7 thoughts on “Harry Potter Themed Looks

  1. Ravenclaws unite! I love the idea of themed makeup looks. I might have to do something like this, if you don’t mind me being inspired by you ;) Great job, your Slytherin look is my favorite.

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