FOTD: Sparkly Teal Smoky Eye

DSCN5565When I sat down to do this look, I thought “I’ll just do something simple, like the smoky eye I did the other day, but more colorful.” Wrong. It started out simple, but then I made myself feel slightly extraterrestrial, like a weird robot-alien hybrid. So much sparkle. So many cool colors. Plus then I pretty much erased my lips. It’s a little weird looking, in a fun “I’m pretending I’m an alien” way.robot alienI do like it, though. Makes me want to watch space movies. DSCN5582Eyes:


  • MAC Face and Body foundation in N1
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 1
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
  • Shiro Revive


  • Smashbox lip gloss in Pout

For this, I started with the same smoky eye over pixie epoxy tutorial from a few days ago, but then I branched out. I primed my eyes, added the pixies epoxy, patted Jupiter Rain, a sparkly teal, all over the lid and under the outer half of the lower lashes and blended the edges out with Mozart, a steely grey. Then I added Blinded by the Whitelighter, a bright pale silver, to the inner half of the lower lashes, and highlighted under my brownbone with a matte vanilla shadow. I lined my upper lashline with black liquid eyeliner but did not add a wing. I curled my lashes and added mascara. Then I did my usual face stuff, using Revive, a super pale shimmery blush, on my cheeks. I finished with a very, very pale milky pink lipgloss, which pretty much turned my lips the same color as my skin.

Not at all what I planned on for today, but it’s fun and I like it. I’m gonna keep playing with this smoky eye over Pixie Epoxy technique, and see if I can do it with a bright color that looks a bit more normal than this. (Also, I’m totally not sure I actually look like an alien to anyone who’s not me. But I feel like one for sure!)


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