Darling Girl My Three Witches Collection: Swatches

Darling Girl My Three Witches

Today I’m reviewing the My Three Witches collection from Darling Girl Cosmetics. It’s a ten shadow collection, based on the TV show Charmed. I definitely watched Charmed with my sister when we were younger and have a soft spot for the show. Unlike some of the other collections I’ve reviewed, this one is more subdued, with a lot of neutrals and more subdued colors. Everything is super sparkly, though! It’s worth noting that the website swatches are more intense and saturated than I found the colors to be. To my eye, it’s an entire collection of subdued shades with a lot of sparkle.

Now for the swatches. Everything is swatched in natural light, over Urban Decay Primer Potion on the top/left and Pixie Eposy on the bottom/right. The lower right picture in each collage is in direct sunlight. Everything else is indoor natural light.

My Three Witched ColorsThe colors: Painted World, Witch Way Now, Hell Hath No Fury and Re-Witched

My Three Witches NeutralsThe neutrals: Blinded by the Whitelighter, Scry Harder, Woogy, Just Harried and The Apocalypse, Not.

Re-WitchedRe-Witched: “Shiny bright yellow gold with yellow gold iridescence and sparkle.” The description for this is spot on. It’s a sparkly bright yellow gold. It’s by far the brightest color in the collection, but it applies much sheerer over just primer if you want something less intense

Love's a WitchLove’s a Witch: “Bronze pearl with pink undertones and a glint of pink sparkle.” To me this color is more of a reddish brown. In the bag it looks super red, but in looks it reads as a subtle reddish-orange brown on me.

Hell Hath No FuryHell Hath No Fury: “Rich, sizzling burgundy filled purple undertones and sparkle.” I see this as a subdued purplish red. Over pixie epoxy it becomes more magenta and has a much stronger sheen.

Witch Way NowWitch Way Now: “Pinky champagne beige.” This is a nice champagney pink with a fair bit of sparkle. It’s a type of neutral color that I love and find super easy to wear.

Painted WorldPainted World: “Warmed  pearly blue melded with khaki and silver tones and a scattering of blue sparkles.” I see this as a light blue with a silvery sheen, that turns warm in certain lighting. It feels like a Cinderella color to me, and is pretty sheer over primer.

Blinded by the WhitelighterBlinded by the Whitelighter: “A thousand orbs of silver dancing in the sunlight.” This is a straight ahead, slightly sheer sparkly silver. It works well in the inner corner.

Scry HarderScry Harder: “Gunmetal taupe with champagne tones.” I see this as a taupe with a green sheen. The sparkles in this one look almost purple. It’s noticeably more opaque and shiny over pixie epoxy, but it also stained my arm slightly blue where the pixie epoxy had been.

WoogyWoogy: “Deep brown with champagne tones.” This is a pretty straightforward sparkly brown. It’s the darkest color in the collection, but it’s still just on the deeper end of medium to me.

Just HarriedJust Harried: “Champagne with subtle blue sparkles.” This is a really pretty, easy to use champagne. It’s sheer over primer, but the sparkles still show up. The sparkles are sort of blue-violet, but their color is only noticeable if you look closely. This is the lightest color in the collection

The Apocalypse, NotThe Apocalypse, Not: “Rich antique gold with contrasting blue sparkles.” This is a bronzy tarnished gold color with big purple sparks. It’s almost equally pigmented over primer as over pixie epoxy. It’s one of my favorites since it’s so rich and the purple sparkle is unexpected.

Overall Thoughts: I think this would be a really good collection if you wanted something with a little bit of color and sparkle but that was still on the conservative side. All of the colors fit well together, but there’s not a lot of contrast. Most everything is medium-dark and everything has a very sparkly finish, which led to a fair bit of fallout during application. (But, this was only a problem for me during application, not when I was wearing them.) The looks I created all had a similar vibe, with a lot of simple, subtle looks. Nothing too crazy here! It’s also worth noting that the collection is no longer available in sample bags (at least all at the same time), since Susan now limits samples to five per order. The bags I got are a variety of sizes and thicknesses, with some being of noticeably better quality than others.

Stay tuned for the looks. They’re all easy and wearable, cuz that’s this collection’s thing.

And the looks are here!


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