FOTD: Sparkly Rainbow Eyeshadow

HW RainbowWhen I was working on my 1000 Likes looks, it occurred to me that since there were only seven colors, I could probably find a way to use all seven of them at once. Which I did. Since the collection’s pretty much a sparkly golden rainbow, that’s exactly what the look using all of the colors wound up looking like!

Rainbow 1I feel like I should be on my way to a pride parade.

DSCN6502Close up!



  • MAC Face and Body in N1
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 1
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Blissful


I primed my lids, as always. Then I made my rainbow, working from the inner corners to the outer corners. I started with just a little bit of Enabling, a coppery orange, at the inner corners, followed by 1000 Likes, a yellow gold, for the rest of the inner half of my lids. Next I placed Empty Wallets, an olive green, in a curved line outside of the gold. I used IMAM, a navy, for the outer corner of the lid. After that I placed One of Us!, a sparkly plum, above the navy, on the outer part of the crease. The upper line of all of these colors was super jagged and uneven and I used a clean blending brush in a windshield wiper motion to even it out. Once it wasn’t so harsh, I used 23, a pinky rose gold, to blend out the upper edge and highlight under my browbone. I applied Heavy Breathing Cat, a silver with a bit of gold sparkle, along my lower lashes. I lined my upper lashes with a thick line of black liquid liner, ending with a dramatic wing. I curled my lashes and applied mascara. I did my usual foundation, concealer and powder and finished the look with a peachy blush and a bright red-pink tinted balm.

I love this! I wasn’t sure it would come together, but it really did. The liner did so much to make it look cohesive and intentional. Plus, it’s just so much sparkly rainbow fun! How could I not love it? Since there isn’t any actual red shadow in this collection, I added it to my lips, which I think worked nicely. Have you ever felt the need to put an entire collection of eyeshadows on your face at once? How’d it turn out?


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