How I Save Broken Lip Balms

Melting Lip BalmThis is pretty much the simplest tutorial ever, but it’s useful. Sometimes lip products break. Last month, I twisted a lip balm up too far and couldn’t get it to twist back down. But it was still perfectly good lip balm and I wanted to use it. So I melted it into a little pot and was able to save it!

You will need the broken lip product, a metal spoon, a candle and matches or a lighter and a clean container to put the lip balm into. If you wanted to color it, you would also need a toothpick and a lip safe eye shadow or blush.

First, place the broken lip balm on the spoon. Light the candle and hold the spoon over it until the product is entirely melted. Then pour it into the clean container. If you’re like me and manage to get charred black bits from the back of the spoon into the container as well, you can fish them out with a q-tip or toothpick. (If you want to color your lip balm, you can do that too! Choose a lip-safe loose eyeshadow or blush and mix it into the melted lip balm with a toothpick. Use more shadow if you want stronger pigmentation and less if you want a sheer tint.) Let it cool. Once it’s set you can apply it with a lip brush or your finger. Ta da! Still usable.


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