FOTD: Oldest Product Dare

tony and tina faceI joined a new subreddit recently, /r/makeuprehab, which is focused on actually using up the make up you already have and not just buying everything, which is definitely something I support. In the online make up world there’s definitely a bit of a “buy all the things!” mentality and it’s good to have a community to counter that impulse. (Which I definitely have too. January and February I fell down the rabbit hole hard. The indie subreddits are very enabling. So for March and April my plan is to dial it back a bit. Not a full on no-buy, but definitely a low-buy, which for me means limiting myself to purchases that are limited edition or waiting for sales to buy permanent products that are already on my wishlist.) Anyways, I did a look using three of my oldest products, all of which I’m glad I’ve held on to! The first loose pigment I ever bought (when I was 15!) and the other two are some of the first non-drugstore products I bought (when I was in college). The look is very springy and fun and I like it. I’m glad I’ve hung on to all three of these!

Tony and Tina collageThe eyeshadow’s by Tony and Tina and has really great pigmentation. It’s kind of weird that I randomly bought it way back then (I think I picked it up at a department store while on vacation), but I’m glad I did. It paved the way for my obsession with loose indie shadows.

Tony and tina 2I bought the lipstick specifically to go with my first pair of red glasses, so here it is with red glasses (although the ones I had then were brighter). Also, the Tony and Tiny shadow side by side with a Shiro full size. Seriously the biggest eyeshadow jar ever.

old products dareEyes:

  • Tony and Tina Universal Color Dust in Andromeda
  • Shiro Perfect World
  • Stila Bare (In the Light palette)
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in Anti-Aging
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
  • Buxom Lash Mascara


  • MAC Face and Body in N1
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
  • Benefit Dandelion


  • MAC Utterly Frivolous

I primed my lids and then used a fluffy brush to apply Andromeda, a sparkly golden olive green, all over the lid and up slightly above my crease. I blended the edges out with a matte skin tone eyeshadow and applied some under my brow as well. Then I used Perfect World, a light gold, along my lower lashline. I used liquid liner to draw a small wing and applied my mascara. I did my face like usual and finished with Dandelion, a shimmery pale pink blush and Utterly Frivolous, a bubblegum pink lipstick.

I’m so glad I did this dare. Not only do I like the look I came up with, but I had a really fun time thinking about what was going on in my life when I bought the make up. Until very recently I was definitely intimidated by make up and didn’t realize that you could use it to still look like you, just better. Probably because my mom didn’t wear a lot of make up so I didn’t have much first hand experience with it. It always seemed like some over the top silly thing that other people did. So me rediscovering make up in the last year or two has been quite the change! What about you? What’s your history with make up? What’s the oldest product you still have?


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