Comparison: Mattes With and Without Primer

primer comparisonAs I mentioned in my Slay Me Looks post, I tried to do a simple smoky eye using Teacher in Tweed and Gypsy Curse, and it just wasn’t working out, despite the colors going well together. I commented about this on Reddit and the always lovely Crimson and Clovher suggested I try it without primer. So I did, and blending became so much easier, and the look looked so much better. I figured it might be useful to someone else to see the difference it can make blending mattes over primer versus without. I don’t have a ton of matte shadows, so I can’t say whether this holds true across the board, but for these two, it definitely made a difference.

Primer comparison 1Primer has become such a staple in my routine that oftentimes I’ll put it on first, even before I decide what shadows I’m using for the day. However, now I think I need to put a little more thought into it and consciously choose whether a look will be better with or without primer. Another redditor has suggested applying a skin colored eyeshadow as a base over my primer to help colors blend more smoothly as well, so I might try that technique as well.

Primer comparison 2As you can see, there are weird patches in the shadow on the left, where it didn’t want to blend out over the primer. On the right, without any primer, the edges are much smoother. My application still isn’t perfect, but it also took so much less time to get it even than it had over primer. I kept my make up entirely the same for the two looks. Teacher in Tweed, an olive brown is on the lid, blended out with Gypsy Curse, a grey-brown. A tiny bit of Dust to Dust, a pale grey-green, is used to highlight under the browbone and in the inner corner. I’m also wearing smudged out dark brown eyeliner. The primer I used was Urban Decay’s Anti-Aging primer potion.

Do you wear a lot of matte eyeshadows? Do you use primer with them? How do they blend for you?


2 thoughts on “Comparison: Mattes With and Without Primer

  1. I was actually just testing this out myself! I find primer like the UDPP tends to make them stick so they’re harder to blend somehow, it’s really weird. For me they don’t blend badly, really, but it’s just a bit harder than without. Blackbird is the same way.

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