My Pretty Zombie WTF Collection: Swatches

WTF samples

Today I’m reviewing the WTF collection, a little trio of neutrals from My Pretty Zombie. The story behind the trio is really cute, so I’m going to quote it from her site:

So my dear sweet innocent mom thought WTF meant “Wednesday Thursday Friday.” In honor of how awesomely cute that is, I created this set of neutrals. Perfect for your mom (who probably thinks the same thing) or any other sweet non eff word dropping lady in your life!

I love this! She also gives her mom 10% of the proceeds from this color, as payment for “teasing” her. Which is exactly the type of thing my mom would do too. Plus, the colors are super easily wearable and work really well together. I’m really happy with this little set.

Swatches! Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion on the top/left and Pixie Epoxy on the bottom/right. The top pictures are in indirect natural light and the bottom ones are in direct sun for the sparkle.

WTFW, T, F or Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

WW (Wednesday): “The lighter version [of Thursday].” This is a sparkly, creamy white shade. This is a slightly mettalic creamy white. Depending on the lighting the sheen shifts from silvery grey to white gold. It’s slightly sheer over primer, and on bare skin it’s a delicate wash of sparkle. It would make a great highlight and is very brightening when used over the whole lid.

TT (Thursday): “A warm brown.” This is a coppery brown with a good sheen to it. It makes a great blending color. It didn’t show up much in my pictures, but in person there’s a slight greyish sparkle that makes it fit really well with the other two colors in the collection.

FF (Friday): “The darkest shade.” While it’s true that it’s the darkest shade in the set, it’s not the most helpful description. It’s a taupey silver that’s not too dark. It makes a great liner and also works well as a smoky eye.

Overall Thoughts: My Pretty Zombie seems to be better known for bolder colors, but these neutrals are great! It’s an incredibly cohesive collection of basics that work together really well. The colors are slightly sheerer and less metallic over primer than over a sticky base, but I think that actually works in their favor for creating toned-down work appropriate looks. I’m actually considering picking these up in full sizes, which I almost never do, because they’re just such useful colors. (Also, while they’re only listed on her site as a set, if you only want one, you can buy them individually as well. Just use the I just want one listing.)

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the looks. Just three instead of my usual five, since it’s such a little collection, but each shadow gets to be the centerpiece of its own look. It was really cool trying out different ways of combining the three colors.


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