My Pretty Zombie WTF Collection: Looks

WTF Swatches

W (Wednesday), T (Thursday), F (Friday)

Yesterday I posted my swatches of the WTF collection from My Pretty Zombie, so today it’s time for the looks. It’s a tiny little collection, but the colors work really well together, so I did three looks, with each shadow getting to be the centerpiece for one of them. Since using the same shadows is a little bit repetitive I tried out my new Fyrinnae lip lustres as well.

Glamorous Rebel ProductsLook 1: W, T and F, with Glamorous Rebel Lip Lustre

W look 2

For my W look, I primed my eyes and then swept W across my lid. I worked T into the crease. Then I used a liner brush to apply F to my upper and lower lashlines. I finished with a bit of mascara and used Glamorous Rebel, a blue based red, on my lips. (Excuse the smudginess. It was my first time trying the lip lustres and I hadn’t mastered the application yet.)

T shadowsLook 2: T, F and W with Pygmy Hippo Lip Lustre

T lookFor my T look, I applied T across my primed lids. I put F in the crease and blended. Then I used W as a subtle highlight underneath my browbone and in my inner corner. I applied black winged liner and mascara and finished with Pygmy Hippo lip lustre, a pretty mauve.

F shadowsLook 3: F and T with Ocelot Lip Lustre

F lookFor the Friday-inspired look, I wanted something with a bit more oomph, so I patted Pixie Epoxy all over my primed lids and applied F on top. I put some along my lower lashline as well. I blended out the edge with T. Then I lined my upper and lower lashes, including my waterlines, with black pencil liner and smudged it out with a brush. I finished the look with black mascara and Ocelot, a light pink lip lustre.

WTF looksThree different neutral looks, using the WTF shadows in different combinations. These colors lend themselves really well to more low key daytime looks, but if you bring out a sticky base, you can do something more dramatic as well. Which look is your favorite? I’m partial to the second one, the T look, myself. I think this placement works really nicely to make my eyes look more defined while still being work-appropriate and not too flashy. (If I could wear make up to work, I would definitely do this type of look a lot.)


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