Hello Waffle Painted Flowers Collection: Looks

Painted Flowers Swatches

Mad as a March Hare, Animate Chess-Piece, Eat Me, Golden Afternoon, Pool of Tears, Gryphon, Deepest Fears / Locked Doors, Dormouse, Mad, Beneath Oxfordshire, Moonlit Grin, Rule 42, Hearts

Yesterday I posted my swatches of Hello Waffle‘s spring seasonal collection, Painted Flowers. Today I have the looks to share with you. This is one of my favorite collections, and I really like how easy it was to come up with looks using these shadows.

eat me shadowLook 1: Pool of Tears, Eat Me and Moonlit Grin

Pool of TearsI liked this look so much I actually put together a tutorial for it with pictures. But in brief, I primed my lids, applied Eat Me to the inner half and Pool of Tears to the outer half and blended them together. Then I used a narrow angled brush to apply Moonlit Grin in a C around the outer corner and blended that too. I finished with black winged liner and mascara.

rule 42 shadowsLook 2: Hearts, Deepest Fears, Rule 42, Dormouse

Deepest FearsFor this look, I primed my eyelids and applied Hearts to the inner third, Deepest Fears to the middle third and Rule 42 to the outer third. I blended them together and brought Rule 42 up into the crease. I blended out the upper edge with Dormouse. Then I smudged some Hearts into both my upper and lower lashlines. I applied Rule 42 to my lower lashline as well, closer in to the lashes. I lined my upper lashes and lower waterline with black pencil liner, smudged it out and finished with mascara.

mad shadowaLook 3: Golden Afternoon, Mad, Animate Chess-Piece, Beneath OxfordshireGolden Afternoon

First, I patted Golden Afternoon onto my already primed lids. Then I applied Mad in the outer corner/crease and blended the two together. I used a little Animate Chess-Piece to as a transition color to soften the upper edge. Then I mixed Beneath Oxfordshire with Superstar Serum and applied it as liner, thickly on the upper lashes and lightly on the bottom.

dormouse shadowLook 4: Locked Doors, Mad as a March Hare, Dormouse

Locked Doors

For this look, I primed my eyes and applied Locked Doors all over my lids and along my lower lashline. I placed Mad as a March Hare in my crease and blended them together. I applied Dormouse above the darker shadows and blended it up to my eyebrows. I finished with smudgy dark brown liner and mascara.

gryphon shadowLook 5: Gryphon, Eat Me, Rule 42, Dormouse

GryphonI decided to try a new technique for halo eyes with this look. I started by applying Dormouse to my crease as a transition color and blended it out quite a bit so it wasn’t too sparkly. Then I applied Gryphon to the inner and outer thirds of each eye, leaving the middle of my lid empty. I used a pencil brush to apply Rule 42 to the very inner and outer portion of each eye and to the inner and outer thirds of my lower lashline as well. I filled in the middle section with Gryphon. Then I patted Eat Me into the blank space in the center of my lid and carefully blended the three colors together, making sure not to darken the white. I lined my eyes with a metallic dark grey pencil, curled my lashes and put on mascara.

Painted Flowers Looks

So those are my Painted Flowers looks. I like that they’re a mix of colorful fun looks and dark and moody looks. My favorite is the first one, just because of my deep and abiding love for turquoise shadow and winged liner. It’s tutorial will be up tomorrow if you want to try it for yourself! But I’m also really happy with looks 4 and 5. I’m usually not a huge fan of browns, but really liked how they came together in look 4 and I feel like look 5 is the most successful halo eye I’ve ever done. What about you? Which look is your favorite?


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