FOTD: Neurodivergent Duochrome Smoky Eye

neurodivergentTwo days in a row now I’ve used Aromaleigh’s Neurodiversity shadows, which benefit Autism Acceptance charities. Two days in a row I’ve put them on my eyelids and instantaneously wanted to own them in full sizes. It’s my first time using my Aromaleigh shadows, and I’ve got to say, Kristin is seriously doing something right. Both shades are gorgeous and easy to wear but with a bit of a kick to them. With #lovenotfear, that kick is sparkle. With Neurodivergent, it’s duochrome. (Duochromes are colors that have one color as the base and an overlay of sparkle or shimmer in a different color. Which color you see depends on the angle and the lighting.) Duochromes get a lot of love in the indie community, but this is the first shadow that made me get it. And get it I do! I kept turning my head different angles to look at the color shift from blue to brown. So fricking cool.Neurodivergent 1I just love this. So easy. So pretty. So interesting. Neurodivergent 2Different angles to show off dat duochrome. neurodivergent shadowEyes:

  • Aromaleigh Neurodivergent
  • Stila Rain (In the Know Palette)
  • Stila Air (In the Know Palette)
  • Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Sephora Collection Black Lace Eyeliner
  • Make Up Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara


  • MAC Face and Body in N1
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 1
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
  • Tarte Exposed


  • MAC Patisserie (I think. It might be Viva Glam V. I forgot to write it down.)

This was super super easy. I primed my lids and patted Pixie Epoxy on top. I waited 20 seconds then patted Neurodivergent, a brown with a blue duochrome, all over my lids. I blended out the edges with a matte smoky brown and highlighted under my browbone with a matte burnt vanilla. I lined my lids with black pencil liner and applied mascara. I did my face like always, with my go to smoky eye blush and lipstick. I love love love this. It’s convinced me that I need to buy full sizes of all of Aromaleigh’s Neurodiversity colors, including the new shade, Enigma. If you missed my post yesterday, for the month of April (which is Autism Awareness month), Kristin will donate half of the sales of Enigma to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. After April is finished, 25% of sales will be donated, like the two older colors. Neurodivergent also benefits ASAN, and #lovenotfear benefits the Golden Hat Foundation. Kristin (who is on the Autism spectrum herself) carefully considers the charities she donates to and has a very thorough explanation of her choices and reasoning on her page for the Enigma color, which I strongly encourage you to read if you’re interested in austism advocacy. In brief, she chooses charities that include support for autistic adults and that listen to autistic voices. I feel really good about supporting her charity work, and I love the colors to as well. I’m planning on picking up full sizes of all three this month, since I love the first two so much.


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