FOTD: Blue Eyes and Lips Dare

blue dare This Saturday over on /r/indiemakeupandmore it was round two of Indie Truth or Dare. /u/_HappyG_ dared me to do blue eyes and lips, so I did! It turned out to be trickier than I expected, because as it turns out almost none of my blue shadows are lip safe (and my Kae Q Indigo is still in the mail). The only two I had, Shiro’s Rebellion and Hello Waffle’s IMAM, were both dark metallic navy, so that’s what I had to do. I also used Shiro’s Glowstick of Destiny, which is a light blue with a gold duochrome overlay, which I love but don’t use very dare look Blue. Lots of blue. blue dare shadowsEyes:


  • MAC Face and Body in N1
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 1
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
  • Tarte Adored


So for this I actually started with the lips, since I wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out. I started with a layer of waxy lip balm and then patted IMAM, a lip safe navy, over the top with a concealer brush. No matter how much I applied, it just wasn’t getting opaque enough, so I switched to Rebellion, another lip safe navy. I used the same brush to apply Rebellion, which was much more opaque. I evened it out with my finger and tidied up the edges (which were crazy messy) with q-tips and makeup remover. Then I did my eyes. I primed my lids and applied Pixie Epoxy with my pinkie. After it had set, I patted Glowstick of Destiny, a light blue with a gold duochrome, over the top. I mixed Rebellion with Superstar Serum and applied it as liner with a small wing. I applied some to my lower lashes for balance. I curled my lashes and did my face make up. I used a sparkly pink blush to keep myself from looking too dead. To be honest, I didn’t love this look. I had fun trying it, but the navy was just too dark on my lips and didn’t read as very blue. I also forgot just how much of the gold duochrome from Glowstick of Destiny shows through liners mixed with Superstar Serum. I think if the navy had showed up more on my eyes, it might have seemed more balanced. I had fun anyways! And it’s totally in keeping with the spirit of a dare to try something I wouldn’t have otherwise!


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