Corvus Cosmetics Mouseia Collection: Looks

Mouseia swatches

Erato, Clio, Calliope, Urania, Melpomene / Terpsichore, Euterpe, Polyhymnia, Thalia

Yesterday I posted my swatches of Corvus Cosmetics’ Mouseia Collection. Now it’s time for the looks. This was an interesting collection to come up with looks for, since the colors in it are very extreme. It’s pretty much all dark intense colors or super light pastels with nothing in the middle. It definitely makes it unique as a collection, but it’s a bit tricky to work with if you’re using it and only it for your looks. Several of these looking would be much easier if you supplemented with a midtone transition shade.

mouseia shadow 1Look 1: Urania, Thalia and Polyhymnia

Mouseia 1I primed my lids and applied Thalia to the inner half of the lid and Polyhymnia to the outer half of the lid and blended the two together. Then I mixed Urania with superstar serum and applied it as winged liner along my upper lashline. I finished the look by curling my lashes and applying mascara.

mouseia shadow 2Look 2: Urania, Melopmene and Erato

Mouseia 2I started by priming my lids all the way around, including my lower lashline. Then I patted Pixie Epoxy onto my eyelids and waited 20 seconds for it to set. I carefully patted Melpomene onto the middle of each lid, leaving the very inner and outer corners blank. Next I patted Erato onto the outer corner and around onto the outer 2/3 of my lower lashline. Then I carefully patted Urania onto the inner corner of both my upper and lower lids. I blended it up into the purple on my upper lids and into the red on my lower lashline. I used a q-tip with some face lotion on it to tidy up the outer edges of the shadow, and then used a clean blending brush to soften as much as I could. The edges wound up being a little choppy and grungy anyways. To finish, I lined my eyes with black pencil liner, smudged it out and added mascara. (If you wanted a less grungy version of this look, I would recommend using a transition shade that works for your skintone to blend out the upper edge.)

mouseia shadow 3Look 3: Erato

Mouseia 3Noel has said that a smoky eye with Erato is one of her favorite looks, so I knew I wanted to do one for my review. I tried this using Clio to blend out the edges, but it was too dark of a gold to work as a blending color with my skintone, so I did the whole look with one color and a lot of blending. I started by priming my lids and applied Erato all over, blowing it out at the outer corners and bringing it down around my lower lashline, but stopping before my tear ducts. I used a q-tip and lotion to tidy up the shape of the shadow and blended the crap out of the upper edge. I lined my eyes with black pencil and smudged it with a brush. To finish, I curled my lashes and put on mascara. (To make this look easier, you could use a transition shade to blend out the upper edge instead of tidying it with a q-tip.)

mouseia shadow 4Look 4: Terpsichore and Euterpe

Mouseia 4To start, I primed my lids. Then I applied Euterpe all over. I placed Terpsichore in my outer corner and crease and used a fluffy blending brush to blend the two together. I also used a liner brush to apply Terpsichore to my lower waterline to brighten my eyes a little bit more. Then I did a classic cat eye with black liquid liner and finished with mascara.

mouseia shadows 5Look 5: Calliope, Clio and Euterpe

Mouseia 5For this look I actually didn’t prime my eyelids. I started by buffing Euterpe into my lids to even out the color a little bit. Then I tapped out little piles of both Clio and Calliope next to each other on the mirror I used for mixing. I placed a dot of Superstar Serum next to each pile. I mixed Clio first and applied it to the inner third of my upper lashline as well as my lower waterline. Then I mixed Calliope and lined the outer two thirds, ending in a wing. I used my brush to mix the two mixtures together and went over the middle third of the line until the transition between the green and the gold was no longer harsh. Then I curled my lashes and finished with a coat of mascara.

Mouseia LooksSo there they are! Five looks using only shadows from Corvus’s Mouseia collection. Because of the extremes of the collection, I stuck to smoky eyes or winged liner looks, but I think they turned out really nicely. Look 2, my tricolor smoky eye was probably my favorite. I’ve been trying to get a tricolor smoky eye to work for a little while now, and I feel like this is my favorite variation so far! I also really liked look number 5, with the green and gold gradient liner. Which look is your favorite?


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