April Wrap-Up

April Collage

Another month of blogging complete! I created 28 looks and reviewed two collections in April. I also did my first make up tutorial, which I’m really proud of! Between the IMAM sample challenge and Indie Truth or Dare, I did a bunch of looks chosen for me by other people, which was a lot of fun. Sometimes working within constraints really helps spark creativity. Also, I reached 10,000 views this month, which seems like a crazy high number, so thank you guys for reading this. It makes me really happy to know that my blog is being read and (hopefully) helping people out!

April SwatchesReviews: I reviewed two collections this month, Hello Waffle’s Alice in Wonderland themed spring collection, Painted Flowers and Corvus Cosmetics’ Mouseia Collection, based on the Greek muses. I did five looks for each review.

April FavoritesLooks: I posted 28 different looks this month, Five Painted Flowers looks, five Mouseia looks, six challenge looks (4 from the sample challenge and two dares) and twelve regular old face of the days. My favorite looks were:

April EmptiesEmpties: I had fewer empties this month than last, but that’s okay. I’ve got a number of things on their last legs that will definitely be finished next month. This month I used up three full sizes, one deluxe samples and six packets.

  • Lush Brightside Bubble Bar: I don’t have a bathtub, so I used this on vacation. (I actually got it on vacation too, which is why the label is in Croatian.) I loved it. It was nice and citrussy and turned the water a pretty shade of orange, plus it was enough for two baths! I was really glad to finally have a bathtub to use my second half in. Yay for luxurious baths.
  • The Body Shop Mango Whip Body Lotion: I find it weird that the Body Shop has different formulas for different lotion scents. This one is a pretty traditional creamy lotion. It sunk in well and had a nice not too strong mango scent, but it was nothing special. I liked it, but I wouldn’t buy it again.
  • The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub: I usually go for fruity scents instead of gourmand ones, but I got this from a friend and actually enjoyed it. It was a creamy formula and the scent was a very warm vanilla, without any noticeable spiciness. It also had bigger scrubby particles than the usual gel-based Body Shop scrubs. Again, it was fine but I wouldn’t buy it.
  • Kat Von D Tattoo Liner: This is my new HG liquid liner. I love it. I didn’t think anything could sway me away from my Stila liquid liner, but this did. It’s easy to apply smoothly, quite black and lasts well, although it is easier to remove than the Stila. Plus it’s cruelty-free! Next time I need a new liquid liner, I’ll buy this instead. Or, since Sephora loves giving out minis of it, I might just collect those. (I already have another mini in my stash.)
  • Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil in Limitless Pink: Initially I liked this fine, but then I didn’t. The color is quite natural, but the oiliness of the formula bothered me. Plus it made my finger feel gross after applying it. I wouldn’t use it again and will give my other sample to my sister.
  • Algenist Algae Brightening Mask: I enjoyed using this mask. It made my skin feel nice afterwards. I like getting mask samples because I can feel fancy using them for an afternoon, even though I would never spend so much to buy the fullsize.
  • Origins GinZing Eye Cream: This eye cream was pearly and pink, which made it seem like a make up/skincare hybrid. I usually use eye cream at night, so it was weird to have a morning-only eye cream. I can’t tell if it did much, so I wouldn’t buy it.
  • Soap and Glory Rejuvenating Super Serum: This serum was thicker and more lotiony than other serums I’ve tried. It had a pleasant but generic light citrus smell. I have no idea what the “6 in 1” things it’s supposed to do are, but I can’t imagine it could really replace 6 different products. It was fine but not special.
  • Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call Overnight Regenerative Facial Treatment: It might be coincidence rather than causation, but I broke out the morning after I used this for the first time. It’s very thick and my skin doesn’t like it. It also has a generic citrus scent. I’m giving my other sample to my mom.
  • First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser: This is a cleanser. Sometimes I wonder why I even try other cleansers, since I’m so attached to my Purity. I guess it made my face cleaner? It didn’t quite take off all the coconut oil I use as eye make up remover, though. I don’t see any reason to use up my other sample, so I’ll give it away.

April HaulOrders: So I’m not great at low-buying. I sort of medium-bought instead. I bought from three new-to-me brands and some brands I know I like. I did a pretty good job sticking to smaller orders and not going crazy on the destashes, though, so it’s progress. I think for next month I’m going to think more specifically and see if I can plan out my purchases for the month in advance. Also, I got a super lovely swap package from the IIoM exchange, and my mom’s other package of compiled orders dating back to November made it to me here! With lip colors! I’m super excited to have more indie lip products to play with.

Goals: I feel like I’m in a pretty good place with my make up these days. I have a vague interest in learning how to do a decent cut crease, but I’m not sure I care enough to commit myself to it. If I’m inspired, great. If not, I’ll get to it eventually. I would like to get back to doing themed looks though. I did so many sample challenge looks I sort of let those fall by the wayside in April and I miss them. Also, I want to figure out how to best swatch lip products, and do some lip color reviews.

How was your April? Any plans for May?


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