Baroque Always With Me Collection: Swatches

Always With Me BagsToday I’m swatching the Always With Me collection from Baroque Cosmetics. The collection has eight colors based off of the film Spirited Away. I love Miyazaki and I feel like the shadows really capture the palette of the film. Very soft and pastel with a few fun pops of color. The formula on these is interesting. It’s sheerer than some other brands, especially over primer, but in a way that I find glowy and easy to blend.

Swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion on the left/top and Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on the right/bottom. The top picture in each collage was taken in indoor natural light and the bottom picture was taken in direct sun.

Always With Me SwatchesAlways With Me Colors: Confetti Candy, Smells Like Human Spirit, Dragon, Ocean Railway, Herbal Bath Soak, Give Me Sen, Bathhouse, Boiler Room

Confetti CandyConfetti Candy: “White with red, gold and green sparks!” This is a sheer white with a lot of multicolored sparkles. I don’t think it performs well over Pixie Epoxy. I had to use a lot of shadow to get it opaque, but it got a little bit cakey and the surface wasn’t very even. But it works well as a highlight color, so its sheerness works for that.

Give Me SenGive Me Sen!: “A dusty purple with a satin finish.” This is a light greyed purple. It’s got a satin sheen but no sparkle and was sheer over primer. Over Pixie Epoxy it becomes darker and more grey, but also applied a little bit patchily.

Ocean RailwayOcean Railway: “A bright blue with green glitter.” This is a gorgeous sparkly turquoise blue. It’s sheer but full of sparkle over primer, but it really shines over Pixie Epoxy. On a sticky base it’s glorious and opaque and sparkly as fuck. I love it. If you need a knock out turquoise glitter shadow in your life, I highly recommend this one.

Herbal Bath SoakHerbal Bath Soak: “A medium tea green blue with a slight gold shimmer.” This is a slightly light blue with slight green and grey tones and a coppery gold sheen. It’s satiny though, without any actual sparkle. It’s pretty sheer over primer. Over a sticky base it’s darker, bluer and more opaque.

DragonDragon: “A minty green blue.” This is a lovely mint green with a satiny gold sheen. Like many of the colors in this collection, it’s sheer over primer and more opaque over a sticky base, but the color doesn’t really change much. There’s a tiny hint of sparkle.

Smells Like Human SpiritSmells Like Human Spirit: “A lime green with red glitter.” This is a bright lime yellow-green with a lot of red-orange sparkles. It reminds me of the color of Nickelodeon slime, so I think of it as slime green in my head. The sheerness over primer makes it way more wearable than I would have anticipated, and it’s actually one of my favorite colors from this collection. It makes for a really interesting inner corner highlight.

Boiler RoomBoiler Room: “A blackened bronze.” To me this is more of a straight ahead sparkly golden brown. It’s not terrible unique, but it’s nice. It’s more opaque over primer than the lighter shades in this collection. It looks very rich and takes on a touch of a blackened quality over a sticky base, with a strong gold sheen.BathhouseBathhouse: “A bright red with gold glitter.” This is a warm red with both a golden sheen and golden sparkle. It performs well over both bases. It’s glowier over primer and sparklier over Pixie Epoxy.

Overall Thoughts: Despite the sheerness, I really love this formula. It’s glowy and blendable and good if you want a less intense look. However, if what you’re looking for is full opacity, this might not be the right choice for you. I think the colors really match Miyazaki’s film well, complete with slightly muted quality and predominance of cool tones. All in all, I’m quite pleased.

I’m really glad the sun finally came out so I could swatch these! I finished my looks for this review ages ago and I’m looking forward to finally sharing them tomorrow!

The looks are up here.


2 thoughts on “Baroque Always With Me Collection: Swatches

    1. Glad you enjoyed them. I’m super impatient to post the looks, but I have my self imposed swatches first, looks the next day rule. But I’ve been sitting on these since May before my camera broke and there’s a couple of them that I really like!

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