FOTD: Gold Eyes and Pinky Purple Lips

birthday 2 big This is actually another face of the day from yesterday. I wanted to be extra pretty the entire day for my birthday, so this is the make up I did in the morning, and the look I posted yesterday was what I did in the evening, post-shower. I think I saw a look somewhere recently that inspired me to do this, but I don’t remember where. I just knew I wanted gold eyeshadow and pinky purple lips.

birthday 2 look I’m almost out of my usual setting powder (MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural), so I did a little experiment to decide if I wanted to replace it or switch to an indie alternative. I did the left half of my face (the right side in the pictures) with Blackbird’s Magic Trick Super Powder, and the right side with MAC (on the left in the pictures). Then I compared the two. I had my husband inspect the two sides up close and he couldn’t tell the difference at all. I thought both sides looked equally nice, but the Blackbird feels a touch nicer on the skin and is an entire 20 dollars cheaper, so Blackbird wins. I’m gonna get a full size of it instead of another pan of the MAC powder.

birthday 2 glasses Obligatory glasses pictures. I think the lip color is really fun with this pair.

birthday 2 productsEyes:

  • Shiro Perfect World
  • Shiro Cake
  • Marc Jacobs Highliner in Blacquer
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Buxom Lash Mascara


  • MAC Face and Body in N1
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 1
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light (right half)
  • Blackbird Magic Trick Super Powder in Translucent (left half)
  • Shiro You’re Making Me [blush]


  • Kae Q Passionflower
  • Fyrinnae Visual Kei

This look was pretty simple to pull off. I primed my lids and then patted Perfect World, a light gold, all over. I dotted a tiny bit of Cake, a white with a bit of reddish yellow shimmer, in the inner corner. I lined my eyes with black gel pencil liner, and smudged only the outer corners. Then I curled my lashes and applied mascara. I did my foundation and concealer, but then used two different powders to set it so I could compare them. I used a tiny bit of You’re Making Me, a magenta blush, on my cheeks, which I applied with my contour brush. I didn’t own the right pinky purple shade I wanted for my lips, so I started by applying Passionflower, a lavender, with a doefoot applicator, and then dotted Visual Kei, a bright pink, on top. I used my finger to blend them together until the color was even.

I’m super happy with this look. It was cheery and fun and pretty much exactly what I was going for.

Do you ever do your make up more than once in a day? I definitely do sometimes. Make up’s a hobby for me, so if I have an idea in the afternoon, I have no problem washing my face and doing my make up again.