FOTD: Fourth of July Red, White and Blue Cut Crease

fourth of july big Happy Fourth of July everyone! In America, I was never super into Independence Day, but living abroad makes being super American for a day more fun. So I put together an All-American red, white and blue look.

fourth of july look I feel like it’s pretty intense, but also fun and good for a holiday. Plus, I finally got around to doing another cut crease! I liked it in this case because it kept the red and the white separate, instead of them melding into pink.

fourth of july shadowsEyes:

  • Corvus Euterpe
  • Shiro What’s This Lever Do?
  • Shiro Attercop, Attercop
  • Darling Girl Superstar Serum
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Buxom Lash Mascara


  • MAC Face and Body in N1
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 1
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
  • Tarte Natural Beauty


  • Fyrinnae 1952

After I primed my lids, I patted Euterpe, a matte creamy white, all over my lids. I then applied What’s This Lever Do?, a shimmery red, above my crease. I very lightly blended them together, and then I went back over my lid with a bit more white to keep the colors distinct. I mixed Attercop, Attercop, a sparkly navy, with Superstar Serum to make a paste and applied it as liner for my upper and lower lashes, making sure not to make the line too thick along my upper lashes so that the white was still visible with my eyes open. I curled my lashes and applied mascara. I did my usual base make up, and lightly applied a bright red blush, which I blended out with a clean blush brush. I finished the look with 1952, a warm red lip lustre, which I applied with a doefoot.

I actually really love this look. I wish I had a barbeque with lots of other Americans to wear it to! Happy Fourth everyone!


Baroque Always With Me Collection: Looks

Always With Me Close Ups

Confetti Candy, Smells Like Human Spirit, Bathhouse, Boiler Room / Dragon, Ocean Railway, Herbal Bath Soak, Give Me Sen

Yesterday I posted my swatches of Baroque Cosmetics’s Always With Me Collection. Today I’ve got five looks using these shadows that I’m really excited to share with you. For the most part the looks are on the soft and subtle side.

awm 1Look 1: Confetti Candy and Smells Like Human Spirit Always with me 2For this, I primed my lids and then applied Confetti Candy to the inner half with a flat brush. I flipped it over and used the other side to apply Smells Like Human Spirit to the outer half, up slightly past the crease at the outer corner and overlapping a little bit in the middle. I blended the two together to get a smooth transition. I lined my upper and lower lashlines with a lot of black pencil liner and smudged it out with a brush. I smudged it out past the end of my eye in the outer corners. I mixed a tiny bit of Smells Like Human Spirit with Superstar Serum and used it to line my lower waterline. I finished the look with mascara. (Lips are a blend of Kae Q Sapodilla and Fyrinnae Meloncholy, a combo I absolutely love.)

awm2Look 2: Ocean Railway and Herbal Bath Soak Always With Me 3I primed my lids and applied Pixie Epoxy over the top. After it set I patted Ocean Railway on top of the Pixie Epoxy, concentrating more color close to my lashes and stopping before I got all the way to the crease. I used a swiping motion to fill in near my crease with less intense color. Then I picked up a little bit of Herbal Bath Soak with a round blending brush and used it to blend out the upper edge along my crease. I lined my upper lashes with thick black liquid liner and added a dramatic wing at the end. I curled and mascaraed my lashes and finished the look with a tiny bit of Ocean Railway applied to my lower waterline with a liner brush. (Lips are Kae Q Guava.)

awm3Look 3: Bathhouse, Boiler Room and Confetti Candy Always With Me 1After applying primer, I patted Bathhouse all over my lids, focusing the color most intensely on the inner part. Then I applied Boiler Room at the outer corner and fanned it up and out. I blended it down and in over the red at the outer corner as well. Then I put a little bit of it on a round blending brush and worked it into the crease, concentrating on the outer part. I used a fluffy brush to highlight under my browbone with a teensy bit of Confetti Candy. I added dark brown winged liquid liner to my upper lashline and lined my lower lashline with a golden brown glittery pencil liner. Then I deepened the outer third of my lower lashline with dark brown pencil liner. I finished with mascara. (Lips are Shiro’s Red Wedding.)

awm4Look 4: Give Me Sen, Herbal Bath Soak, Dragon, Confetti Candy Always With Me 4First I applied Give me Sen to the inner third of my already-primed eyelids. I rubbed my brush on a tissue and then used the same brush to apply a vertical stripe of Herbal Bath Soak down the middle of each eyelid. I cleaned off my brush once more and use it to apply Dragon to the outer third. I used a blending brush to very lightly blur the lines between the colors. Then I picked up some Herbal Bath Soak with a blending brush and applied it above my crease and along my lower lashline. I blended out the top edge. Then I used a tiny bit of Confetti Candy as a brow highlight. I lined my upper and lower lashes with a little black pencil liner and ended with mascara.

awm5Look 5: Give Me Sen, Smells Like Human Spirit, Confetti Candy Always With Me 5I started by priming my lids. Then I swept Confetti Candy all over to give a sheer wash of shimmer. I mixed Give Me Sen with Superstar Serum to make a paste and then applied it as winged liner. I also applied some along my lower lashes and connected the bottom line to my wing and filled in the triangle they made. I took my tiniest brush and applied Smells Like Human Spirit as an inner corner highlight. Both my upper and lower lashes got a coat of mascara. (Lips are Shiro’s It’s Called Love, which is also Spirited Away themed.)

Always With Me LooksSo those are my five Always With Me looks. I had a ton of fun with this collection. I was really surprised by how much I liked Smells Like Human Spirit when used in actual looks. I think overall look number one was my favorite, and actually pretty different from my usual looks. If I’m ever in the mood for wham bam in your face blue sparkles though, look number 2 is where it’s at. What about you? Which look is your favorite?

FOTD: The Paper Magician Inspired Look

glass magician big I just finished reading The Glass Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg. I really enjoyed it, so I used it as my inspiration for this look. In the book, Magicians bond to one material, and that’s what they use to cast all of their spells. The main character, Ceony, is training to become a paper magician (a folder) so her spells are folded out of paper, like enchanted origami.


paper magician look I used a creamy matte white on my lids to represent paper, and a sparkly dark red for blood, which also figures prominently in the book.

paper magician shadowsEyes:

  • Blackbird Half Full
  • Blackbird Modesty
  • Hello Waffle Kai
  • Darling Girl Superstar Serum
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Buxom Lash Mascara


  • MAC Mineralize Moisture Foundation in NC20
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light
  • Baroque Mucha Ado About Nothing


  • Kae Q Sapodilla
  • Fyrinnae Glamorous Rebel

I started by priming my lids, then I blended Half Full, a matte cream, all over my lid. I worked Modesty, a matte light beige, into the crease. Then I mixed Kai, a sparkly copper red, with superstar serum to make a paste, which I applied with a liner brush. I winged it out at the end and applied a little along my lower lashline as well. I also put on mascara. I applied a different foundation than usual (MAC Mineralize Moisture, which I have a sample of but don’t love) with my usual brush, concealer and powder. I did my cheeks with Mucha Ado About Nothing, a slightly shimmery reddish rose. For my lips I mixed together two different colors. I started by applying a layer of Sapodilla, a nude balm, with a doefoot applicator. Then I put a tiny dot of Glamorous Rebel, a cool toned red, in the middle of each lip and blended it in with my finger, mixing the two colors together.

I really like this look, but I wish I’d used a thinner brush to apply the liner, since the red covers up most of the white, which I’d intended to be the centerpiece of the look. I really like the mix of Sapodilla and Glamorous Rebel, though. I suppose there are easier ways of getting pink lips, but I like this specific color.

Have you read The Paper Magician? Do you ever feel inspired to match your make up to books you like?

FOTD: Black and White and Pink

bw fusion big This morning I accidentally primed my eyes with shimmer primer instead of regular. The look I’d planned on wouldn’t have worked well with the shimmer primer, so I decided to do something different. I’d heard Hello Waffle’s Catssic Literature collection was extra shimmery, so I grabbed some shadows from it and sort of made it up as I went along.

bw fusion look I decided on black and white shadows and a bold fuschia-pink lip.

bw fusion shadowEyes:

  • Hello Waffle Call Me Ishmeow
  • Hello Waffle Edgar Allen Prrr
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
  • Make Up Forever Smoky Extravagant Mascara
  • Life’s Entropy Brow Theory in Blonde


  • MAC Face and Body in N1
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 1
  • Shiro Fatality Finishing Powder
  • Baroque Sonrel Not Sonrel Blush


  • Life’s Entropy Fusion

I started by priming my eyes with shimmery primer. Then I patted Call Me Ishmeow, a super sparkly white, all over the primer. I used a stiff narrow brush to push Edgar Allen Prrr, a black, into my lashline, and extended the shadow out into a wing shape. I pushed some into my lower lashline as well. Then I curled my lashes and applied mascara. I also used a brow brush to apply a tiny bit of Brow Theory in Blonde to my eyebrows. I did my face make up like usual and used Sonrel Not Sonrel, a plummy pink blush. For my lips I applied Fusion, a bright fuschia lip theory, with a lip brush.

I really liked the way the soft shadow wing came out. The brow theory experiment was also a success! I really like the natural shape and color of my brows, so I’ve never felt much of a need to put make up in them. However, the blonde brow theory is pretty much a perfect match and it was super easy to apply with my Real Techniques brow brush, so I might try doing my brows more regularly. I did like the little bit of extra definition it gives. I liked the lip theory as well, although I did get a bit of feathering from it. I think a lip liner would help, as well as make it easier to get the edges nice. I don’t have a proper lip liner, but I do have NYX’s Wonder Pencil, which says that it can be used as a liner outside the lips, so I might try that and see if it helps.


FOTD: Baroque’s Warm Neutrals

baroque warm neutrals big 2As soon as I got my package in the mail, I tore into it and admired my goodies. Five minutes later, I was putting this on my face. It’s basically all the stuff I was the very most excited about, all at once, which was my Baroque Shadows and Kae Q lip colors.

baroque warm neutrals 2I was right to be excited. Both brands have pretty colors and great formulas. The shadows are rich and buttery and super easy to blend and the balm is pigmented and creamy and super comfortable to wear,

baroque wam neutral shadow




I started by priming my eyes with a shimmery primer, then I patted Madame Deficit, asparkly pale pinkish white onto the inner half of my eye. I used a fluffy brush to pat Good Doggy, a warm gold, onto the outer half and blended the two together. I used a tapered brush to apply She Likes My Spark, a rich warm bronze, to the outer half of my crease. I blended the three together with a clean blending brush. I lined my eyes with a red-based shimmery brown pencil liner and applied mascara. I did my foundation and concealer and set them with translucent powder. Then I applied Mucha Ado About Nothing, a pinky peach blush, and Snapdragon, a very pigmented natural pink tinted balm, using a doe foot applicator.

I was so happy with this. Exactly the type of natural but pretty look I could see myself wearing if I worked in an office. I’m super happy with my first dip of the toes and cannot wait to try out the rest of my Kae Q and Baroque!

Corvus Cosmetics Mouseia Collection: Looks

Mouseia swatches

Erato, Clio, Calliope, Urania, Melpomene / Terpsichore, Euterpe, Polyhymnia, Thalia

Yesterday I posted my swatches of Corvus Cosmetics’ Mouseia Collection. Now it’s time for the looks. This was an interesting collection to come up with looks for, since the colors in it are very extreme. It’s pretty much all dark intense colors or super light pastels with nothing in the middle. It definitely makes it unique as a collection, but it’s a bit tricky to work with if you’re using it and only it for your looks. Several of these looking would be much easier if you supplemented with a midtone transition shade.

mouseia shadow 1Look 1: Urania, Thalia and Polyhymnia

Mouseia 1I primed my lids and applied Thalia to the inner half of the lid and Polyhymnia to the outer half of the lid and blended the two together. Then I mixed Urania with superstar serum and applied it as winged liner along my upper lashline. I finished the look by curling my lashes and applying mascara.

mouseia shadow 2Look 2: Urania, Melopmene and Erato

Mouseia 2I started by priming my lids all the way around, including my lower lashline. Then I patted Pixie Epoxy onto my eyelids and waited 20 seconds for it to set. I carefully patted Melpomene onto the middle of each lid, leaving the very inner and outer corners blank. Next I patted Erato onto the outer corner and around onto the outer 2/3 of my lower lashline. Then I carefully patted Urania onto the inner corner of both my upper and lower lids. I blended it up into the purple on my upper lids and into the red on my lower lashline. I used a q-tip with some face lotion on it to tidy up the outer edges of the shadow, and then used a clean blending brush to soften as much as I could. The edges wound up being a little choppy and grungy anyways. To finish, I lined my eyes with black pencil liner, smudged it out and added mascara. (If you wanted a less grungy version of this look, I would recommend using a transition shade that works for your skintone to blend out the upper edge.)

mouseia shadow 3Look 3: Erato

Mouseia 3Noel has said that a smoky eye with Erato is one of her favorite looks, so I knew I wanted to do one for my review. I tried this using Clio to blend out the edges, but it was too dark of a gold to work as a blending color with my skintone, so I did the whole look with one color and a lot of blending. I started by priming my lids and applied Erato all over, blowing it out at the outer corners and bringing it down around my lower lashline, but stopping before my tear ducts. I used a q-tip and lotion to tidy up the shape of the shadow and blended the crap out of the upper edge. I lined my eyes with black pencil and smudged it with a brush. To finish, I curled my lashes and put on mascara. (To make this look easier, you could use a transition shade to blend out the upper edge instead of tidying it with a q-tip.)

mouseia shadow 4Look 4: Terpsichore and Euterpe

Mouseia 4To start, I primed my lids. Then I applied Euterpe all over. I placed Terpsichore in my outer corner and crease and used a fluffy blending brush to blend the two together. I also used a liner brush to apply Terpsichore to my lower waterline to brighten my eyes a little bit more. Then I did a classic cat eye with black liquid liner and finished with mascara.

mouseia shadows 5Look 5: Calliope, Clio and Euterpe

Mouseia 5For this look I actually didn’t prime my eyelids. I started by buffing Euterpe into my lids to even out the color a little bit. Then I tapped out little piles of both Clio and Calliope next to each other on the mirror I used for mixing. I placed a dot of Superstar Serum next to each pile. I mixed Clio first and applied it to the inner third of my upper lashline as well as my lower waterline. Then I mixed Calliope and lined the outer two thirds, ending in a wing. I used my brush to mix the two mixtures together and went over the middle third of the line until the transition between the green and the gold was no longer harsh. Then I curled my lashes and finished with a coat of mascara.

Mouseia LooksSo there they are! Five looks using only shadows from Corvus’s Mouseia collection. Because of the extremes of the collection, I stuck to smoky eyes or winged liner looks, but I think they turned out really nicely. Look 2, my tricolor smoky eye was probably my favorite. I’ve been trying to get a tricolor smoky eye to work for a little while now, and I feel like this is my favorite variation so far! I also really liked look number 5, with the green and gold gradient liner. Which look is your favorite?

Tutorial: Turquoise Shadow with a Cat Eye

TutorialToday I’m doing something new, and sharing a tutorial for my favorite look from my Painted Flowers collection review. This look combines white white and turquoise eyeshadows with a cat eye and soft pink cheeks and lips, which are some of my favorite things. In fact, it’s pretty much the same as the first look I posted on this blog. Be forewarned, this post is long and picture heavy. (You can click on the pictures if you want to see them larger.)

Tutorial Supplies Makeup:

  • White Eyeshadow (Hello Waffle Eat Me)
  • Aqua Eyeshadow (Hello Waffle Pool of Tears)
  • Turquoise Eyeshadow (Hello Waffle Moonlit Grin)
  • Eyeshadow Primer (Urban Decay Primer Potion)
  • Black Liquid Liner (Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper)
  • Mascara (Buxom Lash Mascara)
  • Sparkly Pink Blush (Tarte Adored)
  • Soft Pink Lipstick (Tarte Pink Peony)
  • Foundation, Concealer and Powder or whatever face makeup you usually wear (MAC Face and Body in N1, Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in 1, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light)


  • Basic flat eyeshadow brush (Miscellaneous Eco Tools brush)
  • A small, slightly fluffy angled brush (ELF Defining Eye Brush)
  • A fluffy blending brush (Sigma E40)
  • A blush brush (Travel size Nars blush brush)
  • Whatever you usually use to apply your foundation, concealer and powder (Real Techniques Buffing Brush, Sigma E30)
  • An eyelash curler, if you use one (NYC eyelash curler)

For this look you’ll need three shadows, one white, one aqua and one turquoise. This time I used Hello Waffle’s Eat Me, Pool of Tears and Moonlit Grin, but I’ve used Shiro’s Cake!, Diamonds! and Steve in the past and they also work. You could even choose non-turquoise shadows and keep the basic placement. You just want to have a white and a lighter and darker color in the same family. (I put the exact products I used in parentheses, but you can use whatever you have on hand that’s similar.)

Tutorial 1Start by priming your lids. I put a tiny dot of primer on my finger, dab it onto the center of both eyes and then rub it in with my finger.

Tutorial 2Next, use your flat eyeshadow brush to apply your white shadow to the inner half of each lid. With loose shadow it is better to use a tapping or dabbing motion instead of a swiping motion.

Tutorial 3Now flip over your brush and use the back side to apply your aqua color to the outer half, fanning it up and out past the crease. You want there to be a tiny bit of overlap between the two colors in the center of your lid.

Tutorial 4Blend! Take your fluffy blending brush and blend the aqua in and down towards the white. Then use a windshield wiper motion to blend out the upper edge of the shadow. You want there to be a smooth gradient between the colors and no harsh lines.

Tutorial 5Next, put a little of your turquoise shadow on the narrow edge of your angled brush. Apply a thin line of turquoise in a C shape around the outer corner of the aqua eyeshadow. (I always need to raise my eyebrows to get the correct placement.)

Tutorial 6Blend some more! Use your fluffy brush to diffuse the harsh turquoise line you just made. Then take whatever shadow is remaining on your angled brush and apply it lightly along your bottom lashes. The color won’t show up very strongly, but there will be a bit more definition, almost like a shadow under your lower lashes.

Tutorial 7Now it’s time for eyeliner. I always start by drawing a line as close to my lashes as I can starting at the inner corner, then going back over it along the very base of my lashes to fill in any gaps. Then I pull the edge of my lid taut and draw the lower edge of my wing, starting at the end and connecting it to the line above my lashes. I draw another line above this, starting at the end of the wing and ending where I want the liner to connect to my previous line and fill in the little triangle at the outer corner.

Tutorial 8Lashes! Curl them if that’s something you do, and apply mascara. I applied mine to the upper lashes only. Once you’re done with your eyes, clean up any fallout and do your foundation however you usually do. (I do mine like this.)

Tutorial 9Now it’s time for blush. I very lightly dab my brush into the pan so I don’t pick up too much. (If I’m using loose brush, I tap a tiny bit out onto a mirror and tap my brush against the mirror to pick it up.) Then I tap the brush above my cheekbones. The two pictures show where I start and stop applying my blush. If I apply it unevenly, I blend it out with a clean blush brush.

Tutorial 10Last comes the lipstick. I chose a soft, natural pink so it doesn’t compete with the turquoise. I have no special technique for this, I just swipe it on my lips straight from the bullet. Then you’re done!

Tutorial lookI really love this look. Turquoise is one of my favorite colors for spring (and also my favorite color for anything in general), and this is probably my favorite way to wear it. It’s also one of my go-to eyeshadow placements, so you could follow the same steps using any set of coordinating colors. Just replace the white with the lightest, the aqua with the medium shade and the turquoise with the darkest.

Was this tutorial helpful for you? Would you try this look? I’d love to hear about it if you do!