Hello Waffle 1000 Likes: Looks

1000 Likes Collage 3

One of Us!, 23, Enabling, 1000 Likes / Empty Wallets, IMAM, Heavy Breathing Cat

Yesterday I posted my swatches of Hello Waffle’s 1000 Likes collection. Today it’s the looks. Everything I did with this collection is sparkly and colorful and wonderful. I had so much fun with these colors. I even put them all on my face at once!

DSCN6121Look 1: Empty Wallets and 1000 Likes

1000 Likes look 1aI started by applying 1000 Likes to my primed lids. I used a tapered brush to apply Empty Wallets to the outer corners, layering it over the gold on the outer portion of the lid and up and outward past the crease. I worked it along the crease towards the inner corner and blended. Then I applied Pixie Epoxy to the center of the green area and patted some more Empty Wallets on top. I used a liner brush to extend the green from the outer corner along the lower lashes stopping before the tear duct. I put some gold in the inner corner, up to the end of the green on the lower lashline. Then I switched to a fluffy brush and used a tiny bit of gold along the top edge of the green and under the brow bone.

DSCN6523Look 2: Heavy Breathing Cat and IMAM

1000 Likes Look 2I used Darling Girl’s Superstar Serum to make an ombre gradient liner. First I mixed the serum with Heavy Breathing Cat and applied it to the inner half of my upper lashline. Then I mixed the serum with IMAM and applied it to the outer half, ending in a wing. Last, I combined the two mixtures and carefully went over the middle third of the line to blur the transition between the colors. (These two colors work perfectly for this silver and navy look as well.)


Look 3: One of Us!, Enabling and 23

1000 Likes 3

I primed my lids and applied a thick line of One of Us! across my lids and around under my lower lashes. Then I added another thick line of Enabling above it on top and under it on the bottom. Above that I added 23, going up to my brow bone, as well as in the inner corner. I blended the transitions between the colors. I lined my eyes with black pencil liner and smudged it out with a brush. I added a bit more of One of Us! on top of the liner, and finished with mascara.

DSCN6565Look 4: 23, IMAM and Heavy Breathing Cat

1000 Likes 4For this I used my now-standard Pixie Epoxy smoky eye technique. I primed my lids and patted on the pixie epoxy. After it set I applied 23 all over the lid and under the lower lashes as well. I used a tiny bit of Heavy Breathing Cat on a blending brush to smooth out the edges. Then, since I had some IMAM leftover on my mixing palette, I mixed it with superstar serum to use as liner on my upper and lower lashlines. As usual, I ended with mascara. It’s so easy to use 23 to blend out other colors (like looks 3 and 5 and this smoky eye with One of Us!), but it’s gorgeous on its own too, so I wanted to give it a look where it was the centerpiece.


Look 5: The entire collection! Enabling, 1000 Likes, Empty Wallets, IMAM, One of Us!, 23 and Heavy Breathing Cat.

1000 Likes 5I made a rainbow on my face! I primed my lids and put a tiny bit of Enabling in the inner corners, then 1000 Likes until the middle of the lid. Next I added Empty Wallets, and curved the line of shadow up and in a little bit, to follow the angle of my crease. I did the same with IMAM. I added One of Us! above the blue in the outer corner. I blended the upper line of everything using a clean brush, then went over that with a bit of 23. I applied Heavy Breathing Cat to my lower lashline. I finished with a super heavy line of winged liquid liner and mascara. (This look is so much fun, it’s getting its own post tomorrow, to show off all the rainbowy goodness in more detail.)

1000 Likes LooksEven though the collection only has 7 colors, I had no problem at all coming up with five looks. They’re just so easy to mix and match! Which look is your favorite? I think number 2 is my favorite (I always love gradient liner), but number 5 is the most different from anything I’ve done before, so it’s the specialest.


FOTD: Hello Waffle Purple Gradient Liner

DSCN2126Hello Waffle makes amazing purples with gold shimmer. I took three of them from the Persinette Collection (which is only available during the summer, except for the best sellers, which are year round), mixed them together with Darling Girl’s Superstar Serum and made a gradient liner.

Purple Gradient Liner It turned out so pretty! I didn’t want to take away from the liner, so I didn’t wear any other eyeshadow, and I kept the rest of my face simple.

DSCN2146I’m not 100% sure I used the correct proportion of superstar serum and eyeshadow, because the color wasn’t quite as strong as I would have liked, and I definitely got it all over my eyelashes, but all in all, I’d say it was a success. DSCN2170Eyes:


  • Smashbox BB Cream in Light
  • Shiro 1-Up blush


I started by tapping out three tiny piles of eyeshadow onto the mirror I use for mixing, and placing a drop of Superstar Serum next to them. I mixed Silk, the lightest color, into the serum first, and painted along the inner third of my lashline using a pointed eyeliner brush. I repeated this with Ethereal Voice for the middle third, and Cravings for the outer third, which I also flared out into a wing. I then mixed a bit of Silk and Ethereal voice and blended the transition between the two, and did the same for Ethereal Voice and Cravings. The goal is to make a seamless line, with no obvious transitions. Then I applied BB cream, mascara, blush and tinted lip balm and called it a day.

I’d seen the gradient liner idea several places on the internet, but this was my first time trying it myself. I think it’s really pretty, and I want to try it again with colors that are more different from each other.