Ways to Wear Red Eyeshadow (My Guest Post on Toxid-Lotus)

Wakenda's Red ShadowsToday’s my guest post on Toxid-Lotus! Red eyeshadow is one of my unexpected newfound loves. I never in a million years thought I would find a way to wear it, but I kept picking up collections that had reds in them. Once I started trying to wear them, it turned out I really liked them! So when the opportunity came to do a guest post for Luna, I figured I’d share my red eyeshadow with a different audience. I posted three looks, using different red shadows. A peachy intro-to-red-eyeshadow look, a matte red and black smoky eye and a super fun sparkly red white and blue look. I really love how they turned out, and so I hope you check them out over on Toxid-Lotus.

Red Looks for Toxid-LotusDoes red eyeshadow intimidate you or did it used to? How do you wear it?


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